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IMTS 2004 Showstoppers (advertising)
Special advertising section featuring gear industry exhibitors.

IMTS 2004
Pack your bags for a fun-filled week in Chicago at IMTS 2004 with booth after booth of products and services for gear manufacturers, as well as a technical conference and a student summit.


High Speed Steel: Different Grades for Different Requirements
Hobs, broaches, shaper cutters, shaver cutters, milling cutters, and bevel cutters used in the manufacture of gears are commonly made of high speed steel. These specialized gear cutting tools often require properties, such as toughness or manufacturability, that are difficult to achieve with carbide, despite the developments in carbide cutting tools for end mills, milling cutters, and tool inserts.

Conversation with Joe Franklin, AGMA President
Gear Technology talks with AGMA's president about the association and its role in the gear industry.

Surface Damage Caused by Gear Profile Grinding and its Effects on Flank Load Carrying Capacity
Instances of damage to discontinuous form ground and surface-hardened gears, especially of large scale, have recently increased. This may be attributed partly to a faulty grinding process with negative effects on the surface zones and the surface properties.

Simulation of Hobbing for Analysis of Cutting Edge Failure due to Chip Crush
There are great advantages in dry hobbing, not only for friendliness toward the environment, but also for increasing productivity and for decreasing manufacturing cost. Dry hobbing, however, often causes failures in hob cutting edges or problems with the surface quality of gear tooth flanks. These difficulties are not present when hobbing with cutting oil. Pinching and crushing of generated chips between the hob cutting edge and the work gear tooth flank is considered a major cause of those problems.


The Gear Industry's Information Source (Publishers Page)
Since our founding in 1984, Gear Technology’s goal has been to educate and inform our readers of the technologies, products, processes, services and news of importance to the gear industry and to provide our advertisers with the most complete and current circulation of gear industry professionals available anywhere!

Feedback from the Field (Voices)
Letters to the Editor from September/October 2004.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the September/October 2004 issue of Gear Technology.

Technical Calendar (Events)
Calendar of events from the September/October 2004 issue of Gear Technology.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the September/October 2004 issue of Gear Technology.

Gear Greenbacks (Addendum)
Imagine the $10 bill with the face of Edwin R. Fellows on it and on the back, a picture of his invention: the gear shaping machine. Or the $5 bill with George B. Grant and a picture of the first hobbing machine, which he built.