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IMTS 2006

IMTS 2006 - Just the Facts
Booth previews in the Gear Pavilion and beyond.

Technical Articles

The Effects of Pre-Rough Machine Processing on Dimensional Distortion During Carburizing
A study was conducted to isolate the influence of pre-rough machine processing on final dimensional distortion.

Gear Shaving - Process Simulation Helps to Comprehend an Incomprehensible Process
Due to its economical efficiency, the gear shaving process is a widely used process for soft finishing of gears. A simulation technique allows optimization of the process.

Determining the Shaper Cut Helical Gear Fillet Profile
This article describes a root fillet form calculating method for a helical gear generated with a shaper cutter.


Come to Chicago (Publishers Page)
Publisher Michael Goldstein urges gear manufacturers to come to IMTS 2006.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from September/October 2006.

Events (Events)
The complete Events section from September/October 2006, including a profile of gear seminars offered by WZL.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from September/October 2006.

Geezer World Party On! (Addendum)
It's unlikely that AARP will find itself in a revenue-generating crisis, but if it occurs, Fred Young of Forest City Gear in Roscoe, IL, is the man with the plan.