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Gear Expo / Features

The Unofficial Guide to Gear Expo
Map of the show and booth listings.

Gear Expo 2007
"Eighty percent of success is showing up" -- Woody Allen

Solutions Center Educates
In 2005, Gear Expo debuted its first Solutions Center, a forum that features short exhibitor presentations on gear-related topics. This year, AGMA says the Solutions Center will return with a slightly different format.

Gear Expo Showstoppers
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Chicago's Movable Bridges
Chicago has been known as many things over the years—“Hog Butcher to the World,” “The City That Works,” “The Windy City” and “The City of Big Shoulders” among them. Although perhaps lesser known, add “City of Bridges” to the list.

Technical Articles

The New Freedoms: Bevel Blades
Today, because of reduced cost of coatings and quicker turnaround times, the idea of all-around coating on three-face-sharpened blades is again economically viable, allowing manufacturers greater freedoms in cutting blade parameters, including three-face-sharpened and even four-face-sharpened blades.

Tooth-Bending Effects in Plastic Spur Gears
This paper describes the investigation of a steel-and-plastic gear transmission and presents a new hypothesis on the governing mechanism in the wear of plastic gears.

High Speed Gears
Above all, a gear is not just a mechanical transmission, but is developed to a system fulfilling multiple demands, such as clutch integration, selectable output speeds, and controls of highest electronic standards. This paper shows the basics for high-speed gear design and a selection of numerous applications in detailed design and operational needs.


Do I Have to Go to Gear Expo (Publishers Page)
Maybe you don't have time. If not, send someone else.

Uncovering Core Competencies (Voices)
How can a company grow its business or plan for growth when its niche area only accesses the smaller part of the pie?

Machine Tool Leaders Descend Upon Hannover (Events)
EMO 2007, September 17-22 at the Hannover Fairgrounds in Hannover, Germany.

Gear Crossword (Addendum)
Try your luck at our gear-related crossword puzzle.