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Feature Articles

Connect with Global Technology at IMTS 2008
The International Manufacturing Technology Show has come a long way from the National Machine Tool Builders’ Exposition fi rst held in 1927.

Advantage AGMA: Technical Committees Build Knowledge and Experience in Gear Industry
The world is full of acronyms. At work, the inbox reveals e-mails from the AWEA, SAE, MPIF and AMT. On the weekends, Saturday mornings are consumed by activities involving the AYSO, PTA, YMCA or DMV. It’s a struggle to determine what organization does what and why we should care in the first place.

NASA Gets Down and Dirty for SARJ Solution
For more than 10 months, NASA ground engineers and International Space Station (ISS) astronauts have been struggling with a perplexing malfunction of one of the station’s two solar array rotary joints (SARJ).

Technical Articles

Induction Hardening of Gears and Critical Components - Part I
Induction hardening is a heat treating technique that can be used to selectively harden portions of a gear, such as the flanks, roots and tips of teeth, providing improved hardness, wear resistance, and contact fatigue strength without affecting the metallurgy of the core and other parts of the component that don’t require change. This article provides an overview of the process and special considerations for heat treating gears. Part I covers gear materials, desired microsctructure, coil design and tooth-by-tooth induction hardening.

Innovative Analysis and Documentation of Gear Test Results
In this paper, a method is presented for analyzing and documenting the pitting failure of spur and helical gears through digital photography and automatic computerized evaluation of the damaged tooth fl ank surface. The authors have developed an accurate, cost-effective testing procedure that provides an alternative to vibration analysis or oil debris methods commonly used in conjunction with similar test-rig programs.

Lapping and Superfinishing Effects on Surface Finish of Hypoid Gears and Transmission Errors
This presentation is an expansion of a previous study (Ref.1) by the authors on lapping effects on surface finish and transmission errors. It documents the effects of the superfinishing process on hypoid gears, surface finish and transmission errors.


Why Do YOU Read Gear Technology (Publishers Page)
Publisher Michael Goldstein shares some of our readers' comments about why they love Gear Technology.

The Staying Power of Low-Pressure Carburizing (Voices)
Open any heat treating journal today and you’re certain to find multiple references (articles, technical papers and/or advertisements) promoting low-pressure carburizing (LPC). The uninformed might breeze by these references thinking it’s the next flash-in-the-pan, but unlike in the past, this time the process has legs.

Roto Flo's Servo-Actuated CNC to Debut at IMTS (Product News)
Most anyone that has been in the gear industry—or any machining and tooling oriented business, for that matter—is probably at least somewhat familiar with the Roto-Flo workhorse line of hydraulic-actuated spline and thread rolling machines. After all, they’ve been at it for decade

GPSys Critical to Spiral Bevel Gear Life (Product News)
Impact Technologies considers commercial version of software package.

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The complete events section, including Technical Calendar, from the September/October 2008 issue of Gear Technology.

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Mystery Gear on the Mountain (Addendum)
Gear on a mountain, you say? How can that be? Someone must be stricken with a bad case of altitude sickness to create that sort of delusion. What’s next, gears in space? On a glacier?