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Feature Articles

Siemens Has Georgia Schools on its Mind
Siemens is helping the state of Georgia's STEM initiative by helping develop educational programs for the public schools.

Exhibitors Confidential
Gear Expo 2013 product preview features a look at many of the key booths you won't want to miss.

Gear Expo 2013 Map and Listings
Your guide to the exhibitors of Gear Expo 2013.

Our special advertising section featuring exhibitors from Gear Expo and ASM Heat Treat 2013

New Technology Roll Call
Interviews with exhibitors at ASM's Heat Treat 2013 exposition, which is co-located with Gear Expo.

Heat Treat 2013 Map and Listings
Your guide to the booths at ASM's Heat Treat 2013 show.

How to Inspect a Gearbox
Although a comprehensive on-site gearbox inspection is desirable in many situations, there may be constraints that limit the extent of the inspection such as cost, time, accessibility and qualified personnel. This article describes the equipment and techniques necessary to perform an on-site gearbox inspection.

Technical Articles

New-Formula Acetylene Cool for Heat Treatment
Acetylene with DMF solvent enables benefits of low-pressure vacuum carburizing.

Light-Weight Design for Planetary Gear Transmissions
There is a great need for future powertrains in automotive and industrial applications to improve upon their efficiency and power density while reducing their dynamic vibration and noise initiation. It is accepted that planetary gear transmissions have several advantages in comparison to conventional transmissions, such as a high power density due to the power division using several planet gears. This paper presents planetary gear transmissions, optimized in terms of efficiency, weight and volume.


Going to Gear Expo (Publishers Page)
Like many of you in the gear industry, we’ve been working extremely hard over the past few months getting ready for Gear Expo 2013, which takes place September 17-19 in Indianapolis.

GT Extras (GT Extras)
Take a look at the latest videos, along with our expanded coverage of Gear Expo 2013, on the Gear Technology website.

Letters to the Editor (Voices)
Readers respond to our "Job Shop Lean" column and the "My Gear is Bigger than Your Gear" article.

How Gear Standards are Written (Voices)
The new chairman of the AGMA Technical Division Executive Committee explains what's involved in the process of developing technical standards at the AGMA.

New Standards for Large Ring Gears for Mills, Kilns (Voices)
Methods of examining large ring gear teeth to detect surface breaking discontinuities have often been time-consuming and limited in terms of data collected. Methods such as visual and magnetic particle inspection can miss critical discontinuities. However, a new ASTM international standard provides a more effective method for gear examination using eddy current array, a technology that has been widely used but, until now, not standardized.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the September 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

Lubrication Specification and Methodology (Ask the Expert)
A reader asks about how to specify a method of lubrication for a speed reducer with a three-stage helical gear with a low peripheral speed.

Calendar (Events)
The complete Technical Calendar from the September 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the September 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

A Mechanically Marvelous Sea Saga (Addendum)
In the summer of 1974, long before Argo, there was “AZORIAN” -- the code name for a CIA gambit to recover cargo entombed in a sunken Soviet submarine -- the K-129 -- from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The challenge: exhume -- intact -- a 2,000-ton submarine and its suspicious cargo from 17,000 feet of water.