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Feature Articles

Gear Expo 2011 Map and Listings
Your guide to Gear Expo 2011, with highlighted map and alphabetical listings of exhibitors.

Gear Expo 2011 - Exhibitors by Booth Number
Use this guide to plan your trip to Gear Expo 2011.

Gear Expo 2011 - Product Previews
There will be plenty of time to talk shop, learn about the latest educational and research endeavors and network with peers. But the real reason the gear industry comes together every two years is to see all the new products and technology offerings.

Longfellow's Queen of the West
Let's take a look at Cincinnati -- Henry Longfellow's "Queen of the West" and Ohio's third-largest city.

Gear Expo 2011 - Show Stoppers
Our special advertising section brings you the highlights of Gear Expo 2011.

ASM Heat Treating Show
Map and listings to the ASM Heat Treating Society Conference and Exposition, which is co-located with this year's Gear Expo.

ASM Booth Previews
Here are some of the new products and technologies available to attendees at Heat Treat 2011.

Technical Articles

Comparison of Test Rig and Field Measurement Results on Gearboxes for Wind Turbines
This article describes some of the most important tests for prototypes conducted at Winergy AG during the product development process. It will demonstrate that the measurement results on the test rig for load distribution are in accordance with the turbine measurements.

Low-Distortion Heat Treatment of Transmission Components
This paper presents how low pressure carburizing and high pressure gas quenching processes are successfully applied on internal ring gears for a six-speed automatic transmission. The specific challenge in the heat treat process was to reduce distortion in such a way that subsequent machining operations are entirely eliminated.


Exploring Gear Expo (Publishers Page)
Don't miss Gear Technology's booth #1337 at this year's Gear Expo in Cincinnati.

LMT Fette Introduces SpeedCore (Product News)
New material technology allows for more efficient and flexible hobbing.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the October 2011 issue of Gear Technology.

Calendar (Events)
The complete Technical Calendar section from the October 2011 issue of Gear Technology.

EMO Hannover - More than Machine Tools (Events)
Some gear-related highlights from the recent EMO show in Hannover, Germany.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the October 2011 issue of Gear Technology.

The Antique Gear Show (Addendum)
While the cable networks seem to be inundated with collectible television shows, the Addendum staff believes there's room for one more.