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Feature Articles

The Art of Versatility - Grinding at Gear Expo and EMO
Whether you spent time at Gear Expo in Indianapolis or EMO in Hannover, there was certainly new technology attracting attention. Machine tools are faster, more efficient and can integrate numerous functions in a single setup. Grinding technology is turning science upside down and inside out with high-speed removal rates and increased throughput.

Untraditional Gear Machining
Look beyond the obvious, and you may well find a better way to machine a part, and serve your customer better. That’s the lesson illustrated in a gear machining application at Allied Specialty Precision Inc. (ASPI), located in Mishawaka, Indiana.

The Latest Gear Generation - Interview with Jan Klingelnberg
This is the first of a new series of Gear Technology profiles of individuals you should know in the gear industry.

The Halls of Ivy Tech Are Humming with Precision Tooling
If you've been following this space with any regularity, you know that grassroots efforts among industry and academia are springing up around the country to help win the hearts, minds and talents of young people in nudging them towards a career in manufacturing. Add another partnership to the list.

Computer-Aided Finite Capacity Scheduling of a FLEAN Machining Cell
A look at some of the software options available to help with lean scheduling in a job shop

Technical Articles

Gear Standards and ISO GPS
In today’s globalized manufacturing, all industrial products having dimensional constraints must undergo conformity specifications assessments on a regular basis. Consequently, (standardization) associated with GD&T (geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing) should be un-ambiguous and based on common, accepted rules. Of course gears - and their mechanical assemblies - are special items, widely present in industrial applications where energy conversion and power transmission are involved.

Minimal Tooth Number of Flexspline in Harmonic Gear Drive with External Wave Generator
Wave generators are located inside of flexsplines in most harmonic gear drive devices. Because the teeth on the wheel rim of the flexspline are distributed radially, there is a bigger stress concentration on the tooth root of the flexspline meshing with a circular spline, where a fatigue fracture is more likely to occur under the alternating force exerted by the wave generator. The authors' solution to this problem is to place the wave generator outside of the flexspline, which is a scheme named harmonic gear drive (HGD) with external wave generator (EWG).

Purchasing Gear Lubricants - Be Careful When Playing the Numbers Game
When it comes to purchasing gear lubricants, many people on both the sales and purchasing side decide to play the numbers game. The person with the most numbers, or the biggest numbers, or the lowest numbers, must have the best product - right? Wrong; gear oil selection is not a game, and numbers alone cannot determine the right product for an application.


Opportunity Knocked (Publishers Page)
For anyone involved in gear manufacturing, Gear Expo is an absolute treasure. In 2013, it was bigger and more varied than it's been in a decade. With 226 exhibitors covering every conceivable gear-related technology, Gear Expo offered visitors unparalleled opportunities to interview potential new suppliers.

GT Extras (GT Extras)
This month's online features include ITAMCO's app for MTConnect and Google Glass.

The Devil Is in the Details (Voices)
A response to the September 2013 Voices piece on how gear standards are written, from one who's been there.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the October 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

Worm Gears - Ask the Expert (Ask the Expert)
How does one determine the center of a worm and a worm wheel? Also, what are the differences between the common worm tooth forms?

Calendar (Events)
The complete Calendar from the October 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the October 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

The Ever-Evolving Apple Parer (Addendum)
Mike Viney's curiosity about the evolving designs of apple parers began after reading the article, "There's a Fascination in Apple Parers" by Marion Levy, which appeared in the second edition of Linda Campbell's 300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles.