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Feature Articles

IMTS 2004: Recovery in the Gear Pavilion
Tom Lang liked what he saw in the Gear Generation Pavilion at IMTS 2004. Standing in his booth, Kapp Technologies’ vice president/general manager talked with many attendees during the show and afterward said: “We had an increase of both quality and quantity of visitors.”

Understanding the Application: A Key to Economical Gearbox Purchases
On a highway, a compact pick-up truck struggles to tow a 30-foot boat up a steep grade. Inside the pick-up, the owner curses himself. He saved money leasing a smaller truck but sees now that he really needed a bigger, pricier vehicle, one suitable for this job.

Technical Articles

Remedies for Cutting Edge Failure of Carbide Hob due to Chip Crush
Some results of evaluation by this method in the automotive industry.

Non-Standard Cylindrical Gears
Curved face width (CFW) spur gears are not popular in the gear industry. But these non-metallic gears have advantages over standard spur gears: higher contact ratio, higher tooth stiffness, and lower contact and bending stresses.

High Performance Gears Using Powder Metallurgy (PM) Technology
Powder metallurgy (P/M) techniques have proven successful in displacing many components within the automobile drive train, such as: connecting rods, carriers, main bearing caps, etc. The reason for P/M’s success is its ability to offer the design engineer the required mechanical properties with reduced component cost.


Breath of Fresh Air (Publishers Page)
Whew. IMTS is over, and I’m relieved, in more ways than one.

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Technical Calendar (Events)
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Gears R Us (Addendum)
The kid who wants to be just like his gear-loving dad when he grows up will hit the jackpot this Christmas if Santa uses Gear Technology’s holiday buying guide.