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Lean Manufacturing

Getting Lean in the Gear Industry
A look at three gear industry companies at varying stages in the journey.

A Lean Strategy for Job Shops
POLCA: An alternative to Kanban for high-variety or custom-engineered products.

Technical Articles

The Fatigue Endurance Limit: A Myth
Review of "Gigacycle Fatigue in Mechanical Practice," by Claude Bathias and Paul C. Paris

Latest Generation of Quieter Plastic Gears Can Take the Heat
Ten years ago, most mainstream gear manufacturers didn't even consider plastics as an option, especially in higher power applications.

Development of Conical Involute Gears (Beveloids) for Vehicle Transmissions
Conical involute gears (beveloids) are used in transmissions with intersecting or skewed axes and for backlash-free transmissions with parallel axes.

Laminated Gearing
Laminated spur gears with one-tooth pinions can be an alternative to spur gears.

Utilization of Powder Metal and Shot Peening Residual Stress to Maximize Cost and Performance Benefit of Highly Loaded Gearing
This article focuses on bending fatigue strength improvements of P/M gearing from recent improvements in P/M technology, combined with shot peening.


Is Gear Expo Worth It (Publishers Page)
If you read the press clippings (even our own), and listen to the comments of many of the major exhibitors, you'll hear that Gear Expo 2005 was a resounding success.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News from the November/December 2005 issue of Gear Technology

Events (Events)
The complete Events section from November/December 2005, including post-show coverage of Gear Expo 2005, AGMA's Fall Technical Meeting, and our regular technical calendar.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News from the November/December 2005 issue of Gear Technology.

Sounds Like a Job for Toolman (Addendum)
While the rest of the exhibitors were selling machinery, the Addendum team scoured the floor of Gear Expo in a quest to find quirky things at the show.