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State of the Gear Industry

State of the Gear Industry 2007
Results of research on trends in employment, outsourcing, machine tool investment and other gear industry business practices.

Technical Articles

Design of Oil-Lubricated Machine Components
This article summarizes the use of laboratory fatigue data for bearings and gears coupled with probabilistic life prediction and EHD theories to predict the life and reliability of a commercial turboprop gearbox.

Optimal Choice of the Shaft Angle for Involute Hobbing
With reference to the machining of an involute spur or helical gear by the hobbing process, this paper suggests a new criterion for selecting the position of the hob axis relative to the gear axis.


Musings on Turning 65 (Publishers Page)
Recently, I reached a milestone. In October, I turned 65. I've been thinking a lot about it lately...

Letters to the Editor (Voices)
Letters from readers in response to past issues...

Responding to Market and Customer Needs (Voices)
For many in the gear and gear products business, these may seem like the best of times...

Reinvesting in New Equipment Pays Dividends (Voices)
Recently, I was approached by a colleague who is a manufacturer outside the gear industry...

Dontyne Debuts GATES Software (Product News)
Dontyne Systems, a U.K. company founded by Michael Fish and David Palmer, recently unveiled a new software program for its Gear Production Suite.

Gear Expo 2007 Recap (Events)
The general impression—whether encouraged by AGMA or developed anecdotally—is that Gear Expo 2007 was a reasonable—though certainly relative—success

2007 Holiday Buyers Guide (Addendum)
We love gears. We love talking about gears, writing about gears and examining gears. If you’re reading this cover to cover, it’s a safe bet you feel the same way. We also love collecting information for Gear Technology’s holiday buyer's guide. Call us sentimental.