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State of the Gear Industry

State of the Gear Industry 2008
Results of research on trends in employment, outsourcing, machine tool investment and other gear industry business practices.

Clogged Supply Chain Has Gear Manufacturers in Hurry Up and Wait Mode
Never have so few served so many. That, in essence, describes gear makers and the role they play in our world. Think of it—although the gear cutting industry represents much less than one percent of the global workforce—the gears it produces are what make things run in practically every industry and profession imaginable. From bulldozers to Rolexes, gears are an integral part of the mix.

Technical Articles

An Investigation of the Influence of Shaft Misalignment on Bending Stresses of Helical Gears with Lead Crown
In this study, the combined influence of shaft misalignments and gear lead crown on load distribution and tooth bending stresses is investigated. Upon conclusion, the experimental results are correlated with predictions of a gear load distribution model, and recommendations are provided for optimal lead crown in a given misalignment condition.

Induction Hardening of Gears and Critical Components - Part II
Part I, which was published in the September/October 2008 issue, covered gear materials, desired microstructure, coil design and tooth-by-tooth induction hardening. Part II covers spin hardening and various heating concepts used with it.

A Further Study on High-Contact-Ratio Spur Gears in Mesh with Double-Scope Tooth Profile Modification
This paper will demonstrate that, unlike commonly used low-contact-ratio spur gears, high-contact-ratio spur gears can provide higher power-to-weight ratio, and can also achieve smoother running with lower transmission error (TE) variations.


Don't Panic (Publishers Page)
The world economy is in turmoil. A year ago, the Dow Jones industrial average was more than 14,000. As I write this, after eight straight days of massive losses and a week of wild up-and-down swings, the average sits at about 8,900.

Mystery Solved (Voices)
Readers respond with their own crazy ideas about the mystery gear on the mountain featured in September/October 2008's Addendum column.

Product News (Product News)
The complete product news section from the November/December 2008 issue.

A Whodunnit in Gearbox Failure (Events)
Forensics isn't just for tough-talking, crime-busting scientists--most commonly found on your television; the tactic also holds the key to successful gearbox design and manufacture.

Events (Events)
The complete Events section from the November/December 2008 issue of Gear Technology

2008 Holiday Buyer's Guide (Addendum)
Just say "No" to gift cards or fruit baskets this time around.