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Feature Articles

US Gear Industry Doing Well, but Challenges Await
If you are like most navigators of the printed page, the first thing you read in this final 2013 issue of Gear Technology was our State of the Gear Industry Survey. And who would blame you? It’s not Sabermetrics, but once you’ve read it you’ll have a pretty clear snapshot of last year and a peek into the next. But if you also like to get a little closer to the bone about things, what follows are the collected opinions of five well-regarded people in the gear industry speaking to a number of issues with relevance.

2013 State of the Gear Industry
Gear Technology’s annual State-of- the-Gear-Industry survey polls gear manufacturers about the latest trends and opinions relating to the overall health of the gear industry. As in years past, the survey was conducted anonymously, with invitations sent by e-mail to gear manufacturing companies around the world.

Magnetic Gears, Sleeping Giant or Toothless Tiger
When is a gear not a gear? Pardon my Zen, but that is a bit like asking, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" Or there’s the old bromide, "If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck," etc. Just work with me here…

Riding the Rails
Are trains still a growth industry prospect for manufacturers?

Buyers Guide 2013 Categories
The 2013 Gear Technology Buyers Guide was compiled to provide you with a handy resource containing the contact information for significant suppliers of machinery, tooling, supplies and services used in gear manufacturing.

VIPS - Very Important Products and Services
Very important gear industry suppliers are featured here.

Buyers Guide 2013 A to Z
The complete contact information of every supplier in the Buyers Guide

Lean Resources
The final installment of our Job Shop Lean series includes a wide variety of educational resources to help you continue your own lean journey.

Technical Articles

Design and Optimization of Planetary Gears Considering All Relevant Influences
Light-weight construction and consideration of available resources result in gearbox designs with high load capacity and power density. At the same time, expectations for gear reliability are high. Additionally, there is a diversity of planetary gears for different applications.

Understanding Oil Analysis: How it Can Improve Reliability of Wind Turbine Gearboxes
Historically, wind turbine gearbox failures have plagued the industry. Yet an effective oil analysis program will increase the reliability and availability of your machinery, while minimizing maintenance costs associated with oil change-outs, labor, repairs and downtime. Practical action steps are presented here to improve reliability.


Measured Optimism (Publishers Page)
Gear manufacturers are generally an optimistic bunch, as revealed by our 2013 State-of-the-Gear-Industry Survey, which appears in this issue.

GT Extras (GT Extras)
GT Videos and upcoming trade shows featured on the site, links to our 2014 Media Kits and current discussions on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the November/December 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

High Temperature Gear Materials (Ask the Expert)
What gear material is suitable for high-temperature (350 – 550 degree C), high-vacuum, clean-environment use?

Calendar (Events)
The complete Calendar of Events from the November/December 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the November/December 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

The Natural (Addendum)
Gears in nature: The Issus develops working gears in response to selective pressure.