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Technical Articles

Calculation of Slow Speed Wear of Lubricated Gears
On gear drives running with pitch line velocities below 0.5 m/s so called slow speed wear is often observed. To solve some problems, extensive laboratory test work was started 10 years ago. A total of circ. 300,000 h running time on FZG back-to-back test rigs have been run in this speed range.

Finding Gear Teeth Ratios
When designing gears, the engineer is often faced with the problem of selecting the number of teeth in each gear, so that the gear train will provide a given speed ratio

Technological Fundamentals of CBN Bevel Gear Finish Grinding
The bevel gear grinding process, with conventional wheels, has been limited to applications where the highest level of quality is required.

General Equations for Gear Cutting Tool Calculations
The proper design or selection of gear cutting tools requires thorough and detailed attention from the tool designer. In addition to experience, intuition and practical knowledge, a good understanding of profile calculations is very important.


Editorial (Publishers Page)
Three things have happened in the last few weeks, that lead me to believe the worst is over - not that great times are ahead, but that things will get better.

Industry Forum (Voices)
One of the current research activities here at California State University at Fullerton is systematization of existing knowledge of design of planetary gear trains.

Gear Shaping Machines CNC Developement (Back to Basics)
Up until approximately 1968-69, pinion cutter-type gear shaping machines had changed very little since their conception in the early 1900's.