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Feature Articles

Gears on the Firing Line
Air compressors are a good example of industrial machinery with components that rotate at very high speeds, up to 80,000 rpm. They are subject to very high rotational forces and often variable loads. Strong, high-precision gears for the power transmission trains that drive the impellers are critical components of machinery operating under such conditions.

Technical Articles

The Basics of Gear Metrology and Terminology Part II
In the last section, we discussed gear inspection; the types of errors found by single and double flank composite and analytical tests; involute geometry; the involute cam and the causes and symptoms of profile errors. In this section, we go into tooth alignment and line of contact issues including lead, helix angles, pitch, pitchline runout, testing and errors in pitch and alignment.

Calculating Spur and Helical Gear Capacity with ISO 6336
This is the third article in a series exploring the new ISO 6336 gear rating standard and its methods of calculation. The opinions expressed herein are htose of the author as an individual. They do not represent the opinions of any organization of which he is a member.


Clouds in the Crystal Ball (Publishers Page)
The carnival that is IMTS has come and gone. The aisles have been swept, and all the banners have been taken down. The fanfare of what some call the greatest machine tool show on earth has faded away.

Product News (Product News)
Product News for November/December 1998.

Technical Calendar (Events)
Complete Technical Calendar for November/December 1998.

Changes In The Gear Industry (Industry News)
Industry News for November/December 1998.

Poemetry In Mesh (Addendum)
As we at Addendum have long known, within every gear man (and women) lies the soul of a poet. To prove it, we present the following piece by David B. Dooner.