Bison Gear Institutes Skilled Workforce Initiative

Bison Gear & Engineering is collaborating with other manufacturing, governmental and educational institutions to remedy the shortage of qualified entry-level workers in manufacturing.

A training program is currently being compiled, consisting of applied math and manufacturing principles. The series of 12-week classes include topics like shop math; blueprint reading; measuring requirements; use of hand tools; safety skills; employment/life skills; quality improvement; and business success.

Upon completion of the program, students will seek an entry-level position at one of the 1012 manufacturing organizations supporting the initiative. Students will then be placed in a paid 90-day internship where the focus is on-the-job training. A more specialized Level 2 training will then follow with an additional 72 hours of training in a specific manufacturing area.

According to the company's press release, cost of training for this program is still being researched. Bison is investigating the possibility of establishing grants and funding assistance for tuition costs.