Wenzel Focuses on Latest Metrology Technology During Virtual Expo

Wenzel recently presented its broad solution portfolio for the measuring room and production during the Wenzel Expo 2020. The expo took p...


Wenzel recently presented its broad solution portfolio for the measuring room and production during the Wenzel Expo 2020. The expo took place from May 5-7. This virtual event featured coordinate measuring machines in combination with tactile and optical sensors, industrial computer tomographs, different measuring software packages as all-round or special solutions, several service options and actions (which become more and more the unique selling proposition of Wenzel) as well as no less than five world premiers. 

The cancellation of Control 2020 in Stuttgart was the main reason for organizing an online trade fair. “We very much regret the cancellation of Control,” explained CEO Prof. Dr. Heiko Wenzel-Schinzer. “For us, Control is the leading trade fair in metrology and, both internally and externally, the milestone for our innovations."

Here are a few highlights from the virtual exhibition. Be sure to visit the website below for additional information on Wenzel Expo 2020.

WM Gear and Gear Analyzer Software 

WM Gear, together with WM Gear Analyzer, is an innovative software package for data acquisition, measurement and evaluation of involute gears on Wenzel CMMs. Operators may use extensive possibilitiesof WM Quartis (e.g. probe management, probe calibration, determination of workpiece coordinate system and rotary table axis) without additional training effort. Communication between WM Gear and WM Gear Analyzer is based on open GDE-Standard (VDI/VDE Guideline 2610).

XO and LH Product Lines
An additional highlight was the XO and LH product lines webinar which gave attendees different series and equipment options and explained the numerous innovations. These gantry measuring instruments in various sizes can be utilized  in many industries such as the automotive, aviation and mechanical engineering sectors. Depending on the area of application, tactile and/or optical solutions are used and allow highly accurate measurements in the sub-micron range. Another highlight here is the presentation of REVO, Renishaw's innovative probe head.

Update on AUKOM
Wenzel is a member of Ausbildung Koordinatenmesstechnik e. V. (AUKOM), composed of experts from well-known coordinate measuring technology manufacturers and industry representatives. The unique collaboration of the working group makes it possible to bring together first-hand knowledge in a co-creative classroom setting. Over a period of more than two years, all AUKOM modules have been revised didactically in terms of content as well as supplemented by future-oriented topics. This webinar examined training topics and discussions from AUKOM in 2020.

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