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Decades of use on a WFL Millturn can lead to machine and equipment wear and loss of relative performance. Regular upgrades and services s...

Retro-Fit of an M60 Millturn

Decades of use on a WFL Millturn can lead to machine and equipment wear and loss of relative performance. Regular upgrades and services significantly reduce this effect. If wearing parts are replaced, the machine continues to deliver top quality and retains its longevity.

A retrofit project at WFL is precisely defined. When a used machine is sold to WFL, the WFL project team will contact the customer and clarify the initial situation. The machine inspection is carried out by a highly qualified WFL technician, who puts the machine through its paces so that the amount of work required can be estimated. After the quote has been prepared, negotiations completed and the contract drafted, a date for dismantling the machine is set. If the customer has in the meantime continued to work with the machine, the machine is checked again immediately before disassembly. Further steps such as internal transport, packaging, and transport to WFL are carried out by the company's own personnel.

The machine overhaul also includes assembly, repair, paint preparation, various upgrades, commissioning, geometry check, machine check, endurance test, laser measurement and processing of a VDI workpiece for machine acceptance. The Millturns are only offered for sale once they have been approved by the WFL technicians. Once all checks have been passed, the machine receives a "Certified Pre-Owned" certificate. This means that the machines can even be sold with a warranty.

WFL customers can even purchase customized second-hand machines. From overhauls and conversions to additional technological features, everything is possible. With WFL production support, customer-specific workpieces can also be processed.

The greater focus on second-hand machines in the last two years clearly shows that there is a great deal of interest on the market. WFL always keeps a number of high-quality used machines in stock, with the majority being sold to global corporations in Germany, Sweden or the United States.

"For machines that are being retrofitted, for example, we can replace the main components such as the turning-boring-milling unit, linear guideways, main drive or the tool changer to improve the overall condition of the machine. My colleagues and I have a great deal of experience here and are delighted to see the machine being delivered in top condition for many more productive years of operation," said Jürgen Bauer, WFL Retro-Fit Solutions.

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