IMTS Digital Technology Showcase: Helios Gear Products

“While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced IMTS to cancel, Helios nevertheless enthusiastically announces several new pieces of techno...

Helios NEO Power Skiving

Helios cutting tools

Helios cutting tools

“While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced IMTS to cancel, Helios nevertheless enthusiastically announces several new pieces of technology for 2020,” said Adam Gimpert, president of Helios Gear Products. North American gear manufacturers now have the “Neo” brand of power skiving machine tools; an expanded Hera series of CNC gear hobbing machines that cover micro- to coarse-pitch applications; the TM series of gear deburring machines now with CNC options for flexible productivity; and continued industry-leading consumable tools for grinding and cutting applications.

For demanding applications where shaping may be a bottleneck, Helios Neo Power Skiving (NEOPS) machines offer a profitably productive solution for parts up to 420 mm (16.5 in) diameter and 6 module (4.2 DP). The NEOPS series offers optional features to suit each manufacturer’s needs. These include tool sharpening, gear deburring, re-cutting, and flexible automation systems.

The Helios Hera series of hobbing machines has expanded to include models 30, 150, 200, 350, and 500. The series uses world-leading technical features such as complete Fanuc or Siemens CNC, direct-drive torque motors, European digital scales, easy-to-use (and train) dialog programming, and versatile unified automation systems. In 2020, Helios introduced the models 200 and 500. The Hera 200 offers most of the 350’s proven technical capabilities but in a smaller body for a decreased physical and financial footprint. The Hera 500 is the series’ current largest solution with capabilities for parts over 500 mm (19.685 in) diameter and 12 module (2.1 DP).

This year, the Helios TM (Tecnomacchine) series of gear deburring machines has added several CNC options. The TM models 200, 250, and 1000 all offer complete CNC options, which allow manufacturers to programmatically store and control workpiece and tool parameters, such as spindle speeds, direction, and radial, axial, tangential, and inclination positions. For manufacturers that need to recover deburring labor while increasing repeatable quality, the Helios TM series provides profitable solutions.

Lastly, Helios consumable tooling continues to lead the industry backed by a dedicated team of engineers. For gear cutting, Helios carbide hobs have raised the bar with high quality, low cost, and fast delivery (new in 2020: as quick as two weeks, made-to-order). Helios also offers competitive high-speed steel tools, shaper cutters, milling cutters, broaches, and power skiving cutters. For abrasives, Helios offers tools for single-profile or continuous generating grinding, honing, dressing, and bevel grinding. New in 2020: the Rex-VTEC series is available for VSD dressing systems. No matter the gear application, Helios has a competitive, engineered consumable tool solution.

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