New Grinder for Gear Cutter Blades

The SBG cutter grinder from ANCA can grind parts to +/ ?5 microns, and it includes a chuck and palletized auto load that is specifically designed to handle gear cutting blades.

The grinder features a 24-hp, 10,000 rpm spindle, an automatic wheel changer for 200 mm wheels, a 3,000 rpm headstock and a high-volume pick-and-place type autoloader.

According to the company's press release, the development software allows users to enter information from a remote workstation and make geometry compensations locally. Different stick geometries can be loaded into the pallet for processing.

The grinder is equipped with a patented Big Plus wheel mounting system to assure ultra high precision running of the grinding wheel. Complete changeover time of the wheel pack, coolant system, workholding collet and pallet is less than three minutes.

For more information:

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