Martin Kapp Announces Retirement

After many years of success at machine tool manufacturer Kapp Niles, Martin Kapp is retiring from the joint management of the company wit...

(Left to right) Helmut Nüssle, Martin Kapp, Michael Kapp, Michael Bär, and Matthias Kapp.

After many years of success at machine tool manufacturer Kapp Niles, Martin Kapp is retiring from the joint management of the company with Helmut Nüssle. His sons Michael and Matthias Kapp will continue the family tradition as of 01.07.2021 and strengthen the new management together with Michael Bär. 

The motivation for strengthening the management, combined with a reorganization of the areas of responsibility, was not only the retirement of Martin Kapp but also the increasing importance of global markets. "We have decided to broaden and strengthen the management team. This will allow us to focus more on operational topics and intensify our global orientation, especially towards China," says Martin Kapp.

In the future, Helmut Nüssle will be responsible for China, the most important single market in the group, the coordination and development of the international offices, and strategic issues. Michael Kapp will cover the value-creating areas, Matthias Kapp the development and sales and Michael Bär the commercial part. Martin Kapp will join the advisory board at this time and take over as chairman.

After studying mechanical engineering, the two brothers Michael and Matthias Kapp first worked for other companies and have now been with Kapp Niles for several years. Michael Kapp was previously responsible for production, Matthias Kapp was previously in charge of marketing. The grandsons of company founder Bernhard Kapp would like to maintain and expand the current business areas and increasingly focus on new business areas such as digitalization and e-mobility. 

Michael Bär brings his years of experience in the commercial sector to the management team. The graduate in business administration has been with the group since January 2012, most recently as division manager for controlling, finance and human resources. 

Even with the new management, Kapp Niles remains true to itself: the family-run company has always maintained open communication with its employees and attaches highest importance to stability, independence, and security for the future. 

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