ZF Recruits 250 Engineers

With the objective of launching a hybrid drive system on the market within the next few years, ZF is concentrating on orders for the German and European automotive market.

Approximately 100 new employees will be added to the hybrid team before the end of 2007. According to the company's press release, ZF plans to create more jobs by 2009 in response to the growing number of orders and requests for hybrid drives triggered by the current CO2 debate.

CEO Hans-Georg Harter says, "With our response to these projects and requests, we will position ZF as the hybrid technology supplier to the automotive industry. In order to achieve this, we need new professionals as well as experienced engineers."

ZF says it is primarily looking for engineers specializing in electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and vehicle construction.

Technologies for commercial vehicles and passenger cars are developed at the main ZF engineering centers located in Friedrichschafen, Schweinfurt, Passau, Dielingen and Schwabisch Gmund Germany as well as in Detroit. Approximately 60% of all ZF employees work at sites in Germany.

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