MPT Expo Preview: Cincinnati Gearing Systems

Founding American Gear Manufacturers Association member, Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc., (CGS) announces a series of facility improvemen...


Founding American Gear Manufacturers Association member, Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc., (CGS) announces a series of facility improvements and additional machines in response to new contracts and to meet ever increasing demand for precision gear manufacturing and design engineering.

CGS component gears and enclosed drives are manufactured, assembled and tested by a skilled workforce in Cincinnati, OH. CGS products support a variety of applications such as automotive drive gearing, diesel engine gearing, military and commercial marine propulsion, turbine powered generator drives, wind energy, pump drives and expander/compressor drives. CGS is ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified.

CGS assembly and test facility improvements include the installation of two 20-ton cranes with 5-ton auxiliary and one 10-ton crane. In the same facility there is a new dedicated full load test cell supported by a 1,500 hp motor.

Within the last two years, Cincinnati Gearing Systems has purchased 7 additional machines:

Kapp-Niles gear grinder offers unique tooling for grinding double helical gears with limited clearance between the gear faces.

Liebherr CNC shaper cutter doubles current cutting speeds and has laser apex alignment, increasing gear quality. This shaper cutter is capable of cutting tapered splines and any helix angle without the need for additional tooling.

Höfler Porta internal and external gear grinder; The OD/ID grinding wheel finishes grind diameters and thrust faces in the same setup as tooth grinding, combining three separate machine operations into one.

Other machines recently installed include a Hyundai horizontal boring mill, Hyundai vertical mill, Hyundai CNC turning center and a Gleason GMS gear analyzer.

Machining Capabilities:

Turning 1" - 106"

Hobbing and Shaping .5" - 149"

OD Grinding .75" - 138"

ID Grinding .5" - 134"

Tooth Grinding 16 DP - .75 DP (2" - 130")

Milling Up to 200"

Improvements to CGS's testing, assembly and manufacturing facilities have significantly increased capacity and production process flow while decreasing lead time. Established in 1907, visit Cincinnati Gearing Systems in Booth #1907 to see how CGS’s in-house engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing and heat-treating services can support your future gear and gearbox needs.

AGMA's Motion + Power Technology Expo 2021 takes place September 14-16 at America's Center, St. Louis, MO. Join many of the gear and power transmission vendors and customers face-to-face this fall here.

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