DVS Technology Group Moves Forward with New Management

On July 1, 2021, Dr. Christoph Müller-Mederer began his new role as CEO of DVS Technology AG. He was previously a member of the Exec...

(Left to right) Preis, Muller-Mederer and Menz.

On July 1, 2021, Dr. Christoph Müller-Mederer began his new role as CEO of DVS Technology AG. He was previously a member of the Executive Board as co-CEO since April 1, 2021, for a three month transitional period. Müller-Mederer shares the management of the mechanical engineering group from Hessen with his fellow board members Stefan Menz (CFO) and Mario Preis (CTDO).

"The reorganization of the management has been planned for some time, and the handover of the reigns was thorough. Now, the time has come to move forward, initiate important and new developments, and to start writing a new chapter of our success story. I am looking forward to this new challenge,“ says Dr. Christoph Müller-Mederer on the occasion of becoming the new CEO of the technology group.

The highly experienced executive will focus on five areas in particular:

The further expansion of the DVS Group’s internationalization and market penetration, especially in the important Asian and American markets and in the field of future mobility.

Increased focus on solution and customer orientation, in addition to technological expertise. The Group will further strengthen its position as an innovative solution provider.

Sales and service will be further emphasized in the service portfolio, in particular to ensure that customers will benefit from the products even more comprehensively and sustainably.

The Group’s communication and market presence will be consistently geared towards customers and users, and the Group will present itself as a synergistic unit with a modern image.

Innovation and digitalization in terms of products and processes will be further emphasized. Even today, many customers see our Group as an innovation enabler.

This topic will primarily be the responsibility of Mario Preis, chief technology and digital officer (CTDO). This emphasis as a separate board of management department in conjunction with CEO Müller-Mederer’s clear focus on customer orientation is indicative of the direction that the Group will be taking in the coming years: innovative products and processes as well as consistent focus on customers and solutions.

With the appointment Müller-Mederer as CEO, the current CEO Josef Preis and CSO Bernd Rothenberger will be stepping down and take on an advisory role. “I’m aware of the fact that I have big shoes to fill as the new CEO. But thanks to the outstanding work of my predecessors, many important developments have already been initiated,” says Müller-Mederer about the handover. The entire DVS Group thanks Preis and Rothenberger for their decades of forward-thinking management.

The new management will seamlessly continue what the two visionary and pragmatic personalities have successfully created over the last few years.

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