MPT Expo Preview: Bourn & Koch

While Bourn & Koch (Booth #3721) is well known in the gear manufacturing industry for their expert support of Barber-Colman and Fello...

400H from Bourn & Koch

While Bourn & Koch (Booth #3721) is well known in the gear manufacturing industry for their expert support of Barber-Colman and Fellows machine tools, the machines they are bringing to MPT will showcase the solutions they can provide for new and remanufactured gear manufacturing machine tools. 

Bourn & Koch will feature their flagship horizontal gear hobbing machine, the 400H. Capable of producing large diameter, high quality gears in a compact footprint, the 400H allows for a highly efficient way to hob long spline shafts and gears on large shafts for a variety of industries, including aerospace, agriculture, heavy equipment, and defense. The 400H’s predecessor is the Barber-Colman 16-16, a machine still used to this day by many gear manufacturers. The Bourn & Koch 400H provides a way to upgrade your Barber-Colman to today’s technology with standard single and multiple cut cycles, a Fanuc 0i-F CNC control with easy to learn conversational programming, a power-programmable CNC hob swivel, automatic hob shift, along with crown and taper hobbing cycles. Additionally, the machine will feature an integrated probe arm assembly, designed to be used in carbide re-hobbing applications to measure tooth to tooth spacing and for automatically detecting profile length. 

Also, on display in Bourn & Koch’s booth, is their new Fellows 10-4 CNC remanufacture package. While remanufactured gear shapers have been provided by Bourn & Koch for decades, this new package provides a direct drive work-spindle and infeed axis along with numerous mechanical improvements over a typical retrofit. Bourn & Koch has long provided quality OEM remanufactures of Fellows 10-4 gear shapers, but this new package, featuring a Fanuc 35i, provides an economical CNC gear shaping machine with the quality and support that Bourn & Koch is known for. Loyd Koch, co-founder of Bourn & Koch, was integral in bringing this “new product” to market with the engineering team, so its pedigree is based in a practical approach to providing a quality machine for job shops and large manufacturers alike.

AGMA's Motion + Power Technology Expo 2021 takes place September 14-16 at America's Center, St. Louis, MO. Join many of the gear and power transmission vendors and customers face-to-face this fall here.

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Bourn & Koch, Inc. is located in Rockford, Illinois. The company celebrated their 40th year in business in 2015. Bourn & Koch, Inc. is known best as an American manufacturer of precision machine tools under the Bourn & Koch, Fellows, Blanchard, DeVlieg, Motch & Springfield brands. They are also the OEM for a long list of well-known American made machine tools such as Acme, American Tool Works, Barber-Colman, Brown & Sharpe, Bullard, Conomatic, DeVlieg, Jones & Lamson, King, Mattison, Rockford Machine Tool, Springfield, and White Sundstrand. They provide quality OEM parts, field service, rebuild and retrofit services for these machines. ...Read more Or visit