MPT Expo Preview: Reishauer

Reishauer (Booth #2526) will offer a variety of advancements to gear generation at MPT Expo 2021.Generating Skiving Every automatic ...

Generating skiving from Reishauer.

Reishauer (Booth #2526) will offer a variety of advancements to gear generation at MPT Expo 2021.

Generating Skiving
Every automatic transmission features several planetary gear sets with internal gearing that could be hard-finished if an adequate process were available. For this reason, Reishauer designed a very stiff generating skiving machine and concurrently developed cutting tools that feature superhard material for their cutting edges. This combination enables the generating skiving process to be economical and successful for the hard-finishing of internal gear components.

Reishauer Software Platform (RSP)
The scarcity of skilled operators demanded a rethinking of the machine’s operating design. Hence, the key design criteria of the new RZControl was its user-friendliness. Easily understandable icons guide the user through the set-up process. These visual aids apply both to generating skiving and generating grinding. The Reishauer Software Platform RSP simplifies operation and process design considerably, reduces potential errors, and increases efficiency with modern database technologies encompassing tooling, workpieces, and processes. During data input, the control automatically generates machining proposals based on sophisticated calculation models. 

RZx60 4.0
Over 1000 RZx60 machines in the market have proven themselves as a successful concept. Building on this experience, the machine concept has been revised and adapted to the requirements of Industry 4.0 applications. The 4.0 series still features all the proven technologies including the double spindle feature. However, this has been complemented with the latest control technology and modern interfaces for Industry 4.0 applications.

ARGUS Monitoring System
The ARGUS process monitoring system controls the dressing and grinding intensities by applying real-time data processing and tested algorithms. “Grinding and dressing intensities” are process-based force models to calibrate the grinding and dressing forces to interpret and control the process. The force models encompass the characteristics of the cutting zone, the cutting kinematics over the changing grinding wheel diameter, the variation of the wheel’s RPM to the axial location of the bearing. 

AGMA's Motion + Power Technology Expo 2021 takes place September 14-16 at America's Center, St. Louis, MO. Join many of the gear and power transmission vendors and customers face-to-face this fall here

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