Brevini's Gearbox Operates Quietly for Rubber Sheeting Manufacturer

When Primasil, a U.K.-based independent silicone compounder and manufacturer of non-silicone rubber sheeting, discovered its main drive gearbox on the central sheet rubber molding machine required replacement, it turned to Brevini Power Transmission UK.

For Primasil, once the raw ingredients are mixed in an application, the material is created by extrusion through a high pressure roller. The sheet forming process creates heat, and close control of the roller speed and torque—especially at low speeds—is crucial.

Dave Brown, sales manager of the PIV division of Brevini Power Transmission UK ,said his first reaction was to initiate a repair. Since Primasil’s 14" worm gear was producing 97dBA noise and leaking oil, its maintenance team first tried rebuilding the original box and building a basic acoustic isolation chamber around it.

Brevini’s research indicated that repair was not possible and the company specified a Posired 2 bevel-helical unit offering triple-stage speed reduction, a 16,800 Nm torque capacity and quieter operation. According to Brevini’s press release, the noise was immediately reduced to a 75dB(A) operating level but the plant’s busy schedule had to be overcome.

Within ten weeks, Brevini specified and supplied the gearbox, designed a replacement transmission line and mounting and installed the system. The installation required two days on-site, including installation of an input coupling and adapter frame, removal of existing equipment and installation of the updated drivetrain including re-machining the existing output coupling.

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