United Grinding Offers Latest Machine Tool Tech at C.O.R.E.

On October 13-14, United Grinding North America opened its doors for Evolution to Revolution, a precision CNC grinding industry event fil...


On October 13-14, United Grinding North America opened its doors for Evolution to Revolution, a precision CNC grinding industry event filled with live machine demonstrations and technology innovations. Along with an 11-station display of part-production and automation solutions, the company also unveiled its Customer Oriented REvolution (C.O.R.E.) technology. Here are some highlights:


Creep Feed and Profile grinding have the reputation of a basic 3-axis machine producing a single part feature or operation. Five-axis systems, long popular in the Aerospace market, have adapted to more general production applications that require multiple features in various orientations, all with exacting tolerances and fine finish. In this session, you will learn how the five axis features of the BLOHM PROFIMAT MC Aero allow combining multiple grinding applications into a single set up, reducing setup, handling and production costs.

The BLOHM PROFIMAT MC Aero is the third generation of the highly successful MC platform that utilizes a moving column concept to provide a large and flexible workspace inside a compact machine envelope. This machine was originally designed for the aerospace industry, utilizing fixe-axis movements and super abrasives to deliver exacting tolerances on complex forms ground into difficult to machine material. 

Since the introduction of the BLOHM PROFIMAT MC Aero in 1999, there are over 250 units installed worldwide, and has expanded to serve markets outside of the aviation industry, such as energy, machinery, and mold and die.


STUDER technology excels at delivering flexibility and mastering unique configurations to achieve unique results. Attendees learned how the combination of hardware and software enables the STUDER S33 to use an ID wheel to grind the OD on a transmission shaft – and found out why that's the right way to tackle this difficult application.


Manufacturers need to make every square foot of production space count toward optimal productivity. Attendees learned how the compact performance of the STUDER S11 and its optional configurations for match and edge grinding help manufacturers achieve that efficiency, demonstrating how the machine grinds a standard shaft with multiple ODs.


Continuous dress creep feed (CDCF) grinding is a grinding process that’s gaining popularity, especially among manufacturers that require high stock removal rate, high precision, AND fine surface finish quality. In this session, attendees learned about CDCF, and some of the applications where it excels, as well as a live demo of a CDCF rough pass, then a finish pass to see up-close-and-personally the material removal and surface finish that CDCF can deliver.

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