Drake Manufacturing Buys Wenzel Gear Checker

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The grinding machines built by Drake were so accurate the parts were getting beyond Drake Manufacturing's ability to measure during customer run-offs. To remedy this, the company decided to purchase a Wenzel fully automatic CNC gear checker for its inspection lab. 

“We knew we were producing good parts, says Jim Vosmik, Drake’s president, "We just had a hard time measuring the improvements – when you are looking for microns on form and lead, you need sophisticated measurement tools.  Now we can fully inspect and document the tolerances of spur and helical gears, ballscrews and nuts, worms, hobs, taps…just about anything the customer throws at us.” 

Vosmik says the initial investment in inspection equipment was not an easy financial decision, but in the end Drake regarded it as money well spent.”  If we want to continually improve, we have to be able to measure those improvements.  It helps us produce better machines and better parts…which is why customers buy our grinders in the first place.”     

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