Koepfer America Launches Large Capacity CNC Hob Sharpening Machine

Koepfer America developed the new KFS250 CNC hob sharpening machine, which is  based on its KFS100 series.  The KFS250 series h...


Koepfer America developed the new KFS250 CNC hob sharpening machine, which is based on its KFS100 series. 

The KFS250 series has a high-speed direct drive grinding spindle, and the ability to sharpen to AGMA “AAA” quality. 

According to the company's press release, the  KFS250 series ' most distinguishing characteristic is its large grinding capacity: 10” maximum hob diameter and 12” maximum hob length.  Plus, the KFS250 provides a maximum work spindle to tailstock distance of 25". The five-axis CNC control is managed by a compact GE Fanuc panel with a touch screen color display and conversational programming. The control panel swivels flat into the body of the machine when not in use.

The KFS250 series is suitable for carbide and high-speed steel tools using vitrified, CBN or diamond abrasive. The series also features pre-loaded linear guide ways, AC servo motors with pre-loaded ball screws for linear axes, integrated crane for loading and unloading larger hobs, high-volume coolant flow for wet grinding, and a centrifuge filtration system that is integrated into the machine bed for a single, consolidated footprint and shop floor cleanliness. 

According to Koepfer's press release, the clarity of the filtration system is rated at 2 to 5 microns. The KFS250 series sharpens both straight-gash and spiral-gash hobs.

Koepfer America will be displaying a KFS100 hob sharpener, a Koepfer Model 300 hobbing machine, Monnier + Zahner & Lambert-Wahli fine pitch hobbing and worm-milling machines, and Wenzel GearTec gear inspection machines at Booth #122 during Gear Expo 2007 which will be held October 7–10, 2007 in Detroit.     

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