New Compact Gearbox from ZF Industrial

The CG gearboxes from ZF Industrial are best suited for use in robotic or other automation applications like electronics or other OEM manufacturing industries.

According to the company's press release, these gearboxes feature a backlash absorbing system that includes a tapered gear tooth profile optimized for the highest levels of precision. Backlash rates are less than 0.5 arc.-min.

In addition, gearboxes include a large output flange that is supported by oversized cylindrical roller bearings that can produce an assembly with an output torque of up to 2,500 N-m. Acceleration torques of up to 2,500 N-m can be achieved due to an interlocking power transmission design that reduces the gearbox's length and provides efficiency levels up to 94%.

Available in five models with ratios from i = 20 to i = 103, the units can accept speeds up to 5,300 rpm and maintain sealing levels up to IP65.

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