Blaser Swisslube Fluid Designed for Long-Term Sump Life

Blaser Swisslube, Inc., introduced BC 230, a liquid tool providing advanced stability and long-term sump life that improves machine uptime. The state-of-the-art metalworking fluid is semi-synthetic, water-miscible and designed for high performance. BC 230 is designed for machining and grinding of aluminum, cast iron, steel and high-temperature alloys. According to the company’s press release, the high-lubricity product will increase productivity, lower tool costs and improve tool and part finish. Formulated mildly, the BC 230 is safe and operator-friendly in simply rejecting tramp oils, requiring no biocide additives, and the fluid has a refractometer reading of 1:1. BC 230 helps reduce coolant consumption, leaving parts and machines clean. 

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