Gear Manufacturing and Inspecition: Methods, Practices, Application and Interpretation for the Design Engineer

Lago Mar Resort, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. This new gear inspection seminar created by AGMA will be taught by Raymond J. Drago, P.E., chief engineer of Drive Systems Technology, Inc. Attendees will learn methods for gear manufacture and inspection, and how this information is used in the design process. The seminar does not teach the mechanics of machine operation, but the relation between the manufacturing/inspection sequence and the detailed gear design process will be detailed. Various types of gears and their basic methods are explained with methodology and underlying theory. Each manufacturing method's features are detailed with emphasis on their ability to refine, guide and optimize the design process. The seminar covers the basics of various nondestructive and destructive test, such as Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle and Acid Etch, including the theory, application and interpretation of resultant data.

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