Solar Manufacturing Fills Two Senior-Level Engineering Positions

John Barron was named vice president of engineering, and Robert Wilson is now the senior mechanical engineer for Solar Manufacturing.


Barron is now in charge of the engineering, quality control and field service efforts of Solar Manufacturing. He is responsible for customer service and technical support, and he provides insight into research projects, the enhancement of current equipment and new product developments.


“John brings over 35 years of experience and knowledge to our business. He is well respected throughout our industry,” says Jim Nagy, vice president of operations. “It is an asset to have him on our team.”


Barron was previously Solar Manufacturing’s technical director. According to the company’s press release, he has worked for Ipsen as an electrical/software manager; Vacuum Furnace Systems as electrical engineering manager and technical director; and Lindberg Furnaces as electrical engineering manager. Barron received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Villanova University.



In his new position, Wilson is responsible for every component of vacuum furnace design focusing on quenching processes. “Bob brings a wealth of knowledge about mechanical engineering to our business,” Nagy says.



Wilson previously worked as a senior mechanical engineer for Johnson Matthey, the National Drying Machinery Company and Abar Ipsen Corporation. He earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Drexel University.