AFC-Holcroft Names New Authorized Refractory Contractor

AFC-Holcroft, a manufacturer of heat treating furnaces, has named Northern Refractory its authorized refractory contractor. Controlled Atmosphere Aluminum Brazing (CAAB) furnaces contain an interior lining of refractory material critical to the quality of the finished parts. This lining must be replaced over time or when it becomes damaged, heavily contaminated or the firebrick in any way affects the mechanics of the furnace. Northern Refractory, located in Toledo, Ohio, services all the brand names under the AFC-Holcroft umbrella including Atmosphere Furnace Company, Holcroft, Pacific Furnace Company, Standard Fuel, Dow Furnace and ThermAlliance. They have collaborated on numerous projects in the course of a 35-plus year relationship.


"The most common refractory-related service call we get involves sooting of the furnace, which can cause the furnace hearth rails to misalign or warp, sometimes causing catastrophic interior damage," says Dan McMann, manager of aftermarket sales at AFC-Holcroft. "When we get these types of calls, we coordinate our service with Northern Refractory."