Universal Technical Systems Offers TK Solver, Plastic Gear Design and Manufacturing Training

UTS' four-day gear training, held at UTS Rockford, teaches basic and advanced gear design and theory. An hour of gear consulting with UTS experts is given on the last day and is included free of charge. The schedule includes:


Basic gear geometry, design and manufacturing

The fundamental theory of gearing

Review of common terminology

Basic involute theory

How changing the generating rack form affects the tooth form

What gear geometry factors are most important to control

What gear parameters are most influential in improving a gear design

How to optimize a gear set

Advanced gear design and manufacturing

Tour of Forest City Gear in Roscoe, IL



Tour of Gleason Cutting Tools' gear manufacturing plant

Establishing preliminary design specifications

Designing and analyze the gear geometry

How to apply tip relief and crowning

Visual evaluation of the mesh

How lubrication affects gear applications

Determining life and stress of gear sets

Sound plastic gear design methods for spur, helical and epicyclic (planetary) gears



Knowledge of robust design methods

Application of non-standard proportions

Making the best of material properties

Accounting for extreme conditions

Minimizing operational variation

Predicting tooth deflection at mesh temperature

Maximizing contact ratio

Applying proper tip relief

Design and selection of tooling

Use of grinding



Individual one-on-one time with instructor; bring prints and design problems.

For more information:

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(815) 963-2220