PM Parts Compacting/Tooling Seminar

Radisson Hotel Cleveland-Gateway, Cleveland, OH. Participants will learn the basics as well as new and advanced technology in PM compacting and tooling. With this knowledge, attendees will have the tools to increase productivity via a better understanding of the compaction process and possibly reduce tooling costs by utilizing advanced technology. The seminar will address:

  • Compacting press functions
  • Compaction and design for today's parts
  • Tool steels and coatings for cost-effective PM tooling
  • High-velocity compaction
  • General PM press maintenance
  • Automation after compaction

In addition to the presentations and handouts, attendees gain insights from experts on the impact of tool design and press selection for product quality, and that can only be achieved by attending this seminar. This seminar will not be offered again until 2011. 

For more information:

James P. Adams, Director, Technical Services
Metal Powder Industries Federation
105 College Road East
Princeton , NJ   08540-6692