25 Bar Furnace Acts as Alternative to Oil Quench

Seco/Warwick introduced a 25 Bar Single Chamber Vacuum Furnace as a process alternative to vacuum furnaces using an oil quench. The 25 Bar HPQ provides the same hardness properties as an oil quench, and when it is equipped with optional PreNit and FineCarb advanced LPC vacuum carburizing technology, the furnace can reduce cycle time by up to 50 percent in certain applications.

Using helium as a quench medium, the 25 Bar furnace lowers distortion and renders parts washing unnecessary. Loads are both heated and quenched in the same chamber with the single chamber furnace. Many of the problems associated with oil quenching are minimized with the 25 Bar HPQ including the disposal of spent quench fluids, the requirement for a washer to clean parts and post heat treating machining needed to compensate for part distortion in oil.

Helium is used as a process atmosphere to maximize cooling. Recycling systems are available to recover and reuse the helium, which tends to be higher cost than other process gases; however, there are many choices for supply systems, and helium follows the same installation guidelines as nitrogen.

Seco/Warwick is offering free trials for a limited time at their R&D facility, so companies interested in the process can obtain a full metallurgical report for their samples without any risk. Customers that decide to invest in the new technology will receive extra field support to assure proper installation and efficient operation.

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