Bennie R. Boxx - 1956-2009

Bennie R. Boxx, president of B & R Machine and Gear Corporation located in Sharon, TN, passed away October 19, at the age of 53.

Born March 29, 1956 in Chicago, Bennie was the oldest son to Bennie L. and Doretta Boxx.

In February 1974, Bennie L. and Doretta founded B & R Bevel Gears and Machine Company in Addison, IL. The Name B & R derived from Bennie, for Senior and Junior, and Bennie's middle name Richard.

Bennie worked in the family business from the start, and in 1978, Bennie, Sr. opened a branch of B & R Bevel Gears in his hometown of Sharon, TN. Bennie, Jr. moved to TN and ran its day-to-day operations. By 1980, both companies were merged into one, and all its operations were moved to TN where it has since operated under the name B & R Machine and Gear Corporation.  

Bennie was preceded in death by his sister Denise and father Bennie L. Boxx. He is survived by his mother Doretta, daughter Erica Boxx, son Ryan Boxx, granddaughter Ariel Boxx, sister Suzette Kelly, brother Terry  Boxx, sister Brenda Sudzum and many nieces and nephews, all active within the company.