Sunnen Delivers Vertical CNC Honing System

Sunnen's new SV-400 Series vertical CNC honing system combines a wide choice of tooling options, large work envelope, and up to 1524 ...


Sunnen's new SV-400 Series vertical CNC honing system combines a wide choice of tooling options, large work envelope, and up to 1524 mm (60") stroke for bore sizing of small and medium-sized gas/diesel engine blocks, oil/gas components, hydraulic/pneumatic parts, compressors, bearing sleeves, gear hobs and similar small or large multi-bore parts.  A work envelope of 915 mm x 1015 mm (36" x 40") and weight capacity up to 90 kg (2000 lb) provide versatility for processing a wide range parts.  An optional tool-guide assembly and variety of bore-diameter gaging systems combine with a servo-controlled X-axis travel of 1143 mm (45") to allow automated honing of multi-bore blocks with high precision.  Straightness sensing capability provides a display of the bore profile during the cycle.  Combined with a patented, servo stroking system, it allows the SV-400 to auto-dwell in any part of the bore to correct straightness automatically in the shortest cycle time.  The SV-400 can be used to hone parts with inside diameters from 19-200 mm (0.75-8.00"), or diesel liners up to 150 mm (6") depending on the tool options selected.

Designed from the ground up for automated processing of mid to high part volumes the SV-400 features full-height access doors and enclosure preconfigured for use with robotic part loading systems, while the CNC control includes a built-in automation interface.  A 20-amp power supply and multiple E-stop contacts add versatility and allow automation control.  Setup is simplified with a multi-axis hand wheel for fine-tuning vertical stroke, tool feed, column position (SV-410 only) and optional cradle position.  Automatic tool feed can be selected for constant load or constant rate.

The PC-based, color, touch-screen control features multi-language capability, pull-down menus, unlimited capacity for job setups, and programmable custom tools.  In addition to optional in-process air gaging, a variety of optional post-process air-gage systems can integrate with the control for SPC data collection, as well as automatic compensation of size, taper and straightness. The control allows easy programming of multiple bore positions.

The SV-400 Series is built on a malleable iron base for rigidity and vibration damping.  The machine's servo-controlled, straight-line stroke motion is driven by a ballscrew at rates of 1-160 strokes per minute, while a powerful 7.5 kW (10 hp) spindle provides ample torque for fast metal removal with tools outfitted with metal-bond cubic boron nitride and diamond abrasives or standard aluminum oxide and silicon carbide stones.  Oversized, lubed-for-life guide ways for horizontal and vertical axes provide smooth operation and long, maintenance-free life.  An optional T-slot table 800 x 1545 x 45.5 mm can be mounted on the casting base, along with an elevated fixture frame for holding all types of fixtures.

SV-400 machines can be equipped with a wide range of Sunnen tooling, including General Hone, GHTS, PH, CV/VK, P20/P28, MPS, HB and the new PH precision multi-stone tool.  The PH tool can hold as many as 12 stones to produce optimum straightness and roundness on bores, while delivering high efficiency in mid- and high-volume production.  It is available in single or two-stage configurations, along with optional, integral air-gaging for in-process monitoring.


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