Depo partners with CIMtek at IMTS

Depo, North American Machine, and CIMtek LLC are proud to announce that Depo will be participating in next month's IMTS show in conjunction with their North American sales partners North American Machine & Engineering and CIMtek LLC. Depo will participate in the CIMtek LLC booth in the West Hall, Booth #1981. Depo has made a very interesting and successful transition into the gear manufacturing market, from their beginnings predominantly in the 3-D mold & die milling market. Depo has developed their own cutting tool technology, machine tool technology, and CAD/CAM software technology and offer their customers a complete turnkey solution for manufacturing all types of gears. They have developed machines with up to 7 axis, with capabilities of machining gears up to 16 m utilizing standard, inexpensive, indexable and solid carbide cutting tools. Depo has taken the model of their DEPOCAM software and modified it to create a new DEPO GEAR ENGINEER software which takes readily available gear data and creates a 3-D surface data of the gear and tooth profile, followed by a cutter path and strategy using DEPOCAM, to be able to mill nearly any standard internal or external spur or helical gear from the gear data in less than 15 minutes. Additionally, DEPO GEAR ENGINEER can also generate the same surface data for spiral bevel, straight bevel, skewed-tooth bevel gears, double helical, herringbone and worm gears. Additionally, their DEPO INSPECT also allows for "on the machine" inspection and verification. Depo has as many as 16 machines in its technology center in Germany cutting gears of all kinds for customers including hard finishing of spiral bevel gears. According to Depo, they are able to rough and semi-finish soft spiral bevels to an AGMA 10+ quality, leaving only .012" for finishing. In hard cutting, they are able to hold the gears to an AGMA 12 quality.

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