Koepfer Named North American Distributor for Wenzel Gear-Tec

Koepfer America was selected as the exclusive North American distributor for the Gear-Tec products of Wenzel Precision GmbH. Wenzel Precision is an international company specializing in coordinate measurement technology.

Wenzel Precision has developed a line of equipment for the precision inspection of gears. Using a rotary table, a 3-D probe and true four-axis technology, Wenzel Gear-Tec offers precision capability. Software developed in a true Windows operating system provides a technician-friendly environment. The machine is based on Wenzel technology using granite for the base. According to Koepfer's press release, this provides a homogenous platform that remains thermally stable and maintains strong dampening characteristics. Additionally, all axes of motion utilize air bearing guideway systems for increased accuracy and smooth motion.

Wenzel Gear-Tec has two purpose-built gear inspection machines: the WGT350 and the WGT500. They have the capability to inspect bevel, worm and parallel axis gears with optional programs for CMM geometric inspection, including inspection of cams and camshafts. Also available are gear tool inspection and unknown gear software.

Wenzel has combined the CMM technology of its LH Series with rotary technology and software to offer a CMM with true four-axis capability for gear inspection. This allows Wenzel to offer gear inspection up to two meters using proven components.