INDEX Releases Six-Spindle CNC Bar/Chucker

INDEX Corporation's MS52 six-spindle CNC Bar/Chucker with 52 mm/2-inch bar capacity and 100 mm/4-inch chuck capacity brings productiv...


INDEX Corporation's MS52 six-spindle CNC Bar/Chucker with 52 mm/2-inch bar capacity and 100 mm/4-inch chuck capacity brings productivity and precision to screw machine parts, hydraulic and pneumatic parts and other complex components within its range by machining these parts automatically. The chucker (MS52C) can be equipped with a high-speed,heavy-duty Staubli robot for automated part loading and unloading. The MS52C is suitable for medium- to high-volume production and is part of a range of multi-spindle automatics from INDEX. This machine is the first CNC multi-spindle chucking machine with an open front work area, permitting robot loading of all types of forgings, castings or extrusions up to approximately 100 mm or 4 inch diameter. A simple shuttle system or standard pallet or belt-type conveyor system may be used to bring parts to the robot loader.

The open-front design provides ease of operation and ergonomic convenience, resulting in time-savings during set up and change-over as well as for tool change, according to an INDEX spokesman. It also offers unrestricted chip flow. The open-front design is made possible by the absence of the end slide tool carrier and the opposed headstock. The electrical system is relocated to the top of the machine. The heart of the machine is the spindle drum, with a three-ring face tooth coupling mechanism. Because of the high-precision manufacturing process and the face tooth coupling, the INDEX MS machines are guaranteed to have the highest turning accuracy possible in a multi-spindle machine.

Six independent spindle motors allow cutting speeds for each tool to increases productivity. Cutting speeds in conjunction with two-axis contouring and programmable feed rates mean that part quality and chip flow can be easily controlled. This is essential for machining tough alloy and stainless steel materials. The CNC Tool Carrier concept is a space-saving vertical arrangement and prepared for quick change pre-settable tooling. OD, ID, or live tools may be employed in any slide position. Up to three ID tools can be mounted in a gang-style arrangement on any one of the two-axis slides, extending the tool capacity of the machine.

Most spindle positions offer two-axis or four-axis machining capability. Since most slides are capable of CNC contouring, form tools are eliminated, and standard insert tools may be used in almost all positions. Using single point insert tooling offers the opportunity to optimize surface finish and chip flow. A wide variety of live tool attachments can be mounted in any spindle position, for drill/mill operations, as well as polygon generating (even in stainless) and gear hobbing. The optional Y axes on the slides and C axes on the main spindles extend the application range of INDEX CNC multi-spindle machines to complete parts in a single set up, eliminating secondary operations.

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