MAG Expands Machine Tool Range

MAG IAS, LLC , a machine tool and factory automation company, is investing to develop a range of larger and more versatile machine tools ...


MAG IAS, LLC , a machine tool and factory automation company, is investing to develop a range of larger and more versatile machine tools which will be added to the product lines already produced at its facility in Fond du Lac, WI. MAG has secured contracts and is in production of a new family of vertical turning centers (VTCs) with table sizes from five to eight meters and facing capacity up to nine meters in diameter. These dual column machines can handle workpiece loads up to 250,000 kg and feature fixed or adjustable rail styles. In addition, a new model of the large, ram-type horizontal boring machine (HBM) family is under construction in Fond du Lac. The company also recently introduced a new-concept machining system for high-volume production of wind turbine hubs.

"These machines will bring new dimensions in large part production to MAG customers around the world and will be joined by many additional variations in the coming months," says Bill Horwarth, president MAG Americas. "I'm very pleased that we are able to continue aggressive investments in expanding our product portfolio and range of manufacturing solutions for these important industries. We are confident that our business will continue to improve and delighted that customers have put their trust in us with significant new orders from all global regions, including the United States, Europe, Middle East, India and China."

MAG's new machines offer new multi-functional features and green design elements focused on the lowest total cost of ownership. The company recently demonstrated at IMTS in Chicago and AMB show in Stuttgart turning machines with grinding and gear hobbing capability, along with mill-turn and turn-mill machines, honing capability and Cryogenic machining. MAG designs also make extensive use of environmentally friendly features, including minimal hydraulics and oil systems, reduced need for chillers and ancillary equipment, as well as energy monitoring and conservation capabilities.

Ground up, modular designs allow for economical customization of these machines along with the industry's fastest build and delivery, a hallmark of the Fond du Lac plant's operation, according to Horwarth. This allows manufacturers of extremely large work pieces to have a machine configured to match their exact needs using families of pre-engineered and optimized components such as columns, tables, heads, tool changers, controls, etc. MAG Fond du Lac is currently ramping up production and will begin shipping these new machine tools during the first half of 2011.

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