New Chamfer/Deburring Machines from Star SU

The S250CD, S250CDA and S250CDX chamfer/deburring machines from Star SU replace the older SCT and SM series in the U.S. market. The new CDM version integrates with the S150-S300 hobbing series to offer a fully automated hobber-chamfer/deburr machine as a standalone product for performing all three operations with one unit.

The S250CD is the basic version and operates as a standalone for flexible small and medium lot sizes with manual loading only.

The S250CDA is a standalone machine for production with automatic loading by an integrated gantry loader.

The S250CDX is designed for simultaneous or consecutive chamfering/deburring of shafts with a maximum of five different gears, or a family of different ring gears and pinions that have a common clamping system.

The CDM is a chamfer/debur unit that can be completely integrated into a hobbing machine to provide mass production solutions.

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