Wenzel America Upgrades Website

Wenzel America, the U.S. branch of German measuring equipment manufacturer Wenzel Group, has expanded the resources and capabilities available on its website. The goal of Wenzel's website upgrades is to provide U.S. manufacturers with faster, more comprehensive access to Wenzel's product catalog and key CMM, gear measuring and 3-D imaging component data. The company has incorporated a new "product solutions navigator" to the website. This application allows visitors to easily drill down to relevant product categories directly from the home page. With the solutions navigator, site users can quickly view CMMs, GearTec and 3-D imaging machines organized by specific product type, application or industry. Additionally, Wenzel's website upgrades have added an extensive index of Renishaw CMM probing product data. Renishaw is Wenzel's primary supplier of coordinate measuring machine probing devices and has supplied Wenzel with detailed data, technical specs and diagrams for all its key products. Thanks to Renishaw's supplied data, Wenzel America's website has become the most accessible source of Renishaw Probe Systems data. Other website upgrades include the addition of the latest product news, detailed brochures and in-depth product videos.

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