PMAEF Issues Awards to Metalforming Industry

The PMA Educational Foundation (PMAEF) has received a grant from The Hitachi Foundation to launch a new project searching for and profiling companies in the metalforming industry whose effective business and human capital practices lead to skill and advancement opportunities for low-wage workers, which in turn allows the company to improve its bottom line and grow. PMAEF will honor these "pioneer" companies as "Metalforming Pioneer Award" winners. This grant will help PMAEF identify these "pioneer" companies: Successful metalforming businesses with workforce practices that improve business performance and bottom-line results while expanding opportunities for low-wage workers. Low-wage workers at these companies are more likely to receive skills training and opportunities for career advancement as well as increased earnings, and their improved skill levels allow the company to excel, making them leaders in the marketplace. In some cases, these pioneer companies also combine with other employers in their own or similar industries to identify shared skills and workforce needs and work together to address industry- and community-wide workforce challenges through partnerships with other companies, foundations, government agencies, educational institutions and community organizations. "Our priority is to demonstrate the business case for investing in the training and development of the manufacturing workforce," said Barbara Dyer, president and CEO of The Hitachi Foundation. Companies interested in learning more should contact Dave Sansone at the e-mail below.


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