Seco to Demonstrate Tooling Solutions at AeroDef

Seco Tools will be demonstrating a comprehensive range of tooling solutions for aerospace and defense applications at AeroDef Manufacturi...


Seco Tools will be demonstrating a comprehensive range of tooling solutions for aerospace and defense applications at AeroDef Manufacturing 2011. The company will exhibit its products in booth #1778 at the event, which takes place April 5-7 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. In recent years, Seco Tools has concentrated heavily on developing tooling solutions for the wide range of composite materials that have become increasing prevalent in the aerospace and defense industry. At AeroDef Manufacturing 2011, the company will highlight some its most recent breakthroughs in this area, including its unique Jabro end mills and Seco Feedmax drills.

The Jabro line of end mills features five new cutter geometries, designed to prevent delamination and fiber shattering across a range of processes. The tools utilize Seco Tools' DURA diamond coating to resist the abrasion that impedes the performance of traditional end mills. Seco Tools' booth will highlight Jabro products suitable for slotting, as well as roughing and finishing operations for side milling and copy milling.

Feedmax drills offer suitable hole quality and productivity in composites and stacked materials. Tools in the line contain sharp, optimized geometries designed to minimize delamination during hole entry and exit. The newest additions to the line include the C1 for CFRP and C2 for stacked materials comprised of CFRP and aluminum or titanium. The drills utilize a micro-grain substrate and diamond coating to maximize wear-resistance in demanding applications.

Seco Tools will also be highlighting the benefits of tools for non-composite applications. The recently introduced Power 4 round insert cutter utilizes a patented anti-rotation system and optimized body design with a fully hardened nickel coating to provide performance in turbine blade machining. The Power 4 maintains tight tolerances and stability by eliminating the potential for rotation of the inserts during machining and utilizing sealed insert seats to keep out chips or other materials.

The Jetstream Tooling system will also be displayed in Seco Tools' booth. Developed in response to the growing use of difficult-to-machine alloys, Jetstream Tooling maximizes tool life, productivity and part quality by delivering a high-pressure jet of coolant to the tool's cutting edge. This lifts chips away from the rake face, improving chip control and tool life, while also allowing higher cutting data to be applied. The latest innovation to the Turbo line of helical mills will be featured as well. Utilizing a nickel-based coating, the new product offering substantially increases body life.

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