Romax Releases RomaxDesigner R12.8

Romax Technology recently released RomaxDesigner R12.8. The latest version of RomaxDesigner offers  more in-depth analysis and allow...

RomaxDesigner R12.8 offers more in-depth analysis and adds new features and functionality.

Romax Technology recently released RomaxDesigner R12.8. The latest version of RomaxDesigner offers  more in-depth analysis and allows all critical performance attributes to be modeled within one seamless environment and brings to market new features and functionality in four key areas. Carbon saving and efficiency, a worldwide issue for all industries, is addressed with a specific and new "System Efficiency Module", which allows detailed analysis of gearbox losses across a duty cycle or vehicle drive cycle, including loss models for gears, bearing and seals to be performed. The results can be expressed as equivalent fuel and CO2 losses.

Bevel and hypoid gear engineering capability has been enhanced with links to Advanced Numerical Solutions, the University of Cincinnati and gear manufacturers. The accuracy and scope of the analysis is extended as a result. For the first time customers can analyse and optimize the gears to achieve best performance in terms of durability, NVH and efficiency to reach the optimal design and manufacturing solution. Full Drivetrain Simulation is now possible through Romax Technology's partnership with AVL List GmbH. Users of AVL EXCITE and RomaxDesigner can now share data allowing the simulation of the effects of engine dynamics on gearbox performance.

Flexible Bearing Ring Module has been developed enabling bearing ring distortions to be accurately predicted. This can have a significant impact on bearing performance in many applications. This is extremely useful for thin section components where distortion of the bearing rings changes the element load sharing, which can impact the bearing life significantly. In addition there are other improvements made throughout the software to improve modeling, analysis and reporting including gear tooth profile calculation, shaft rating, bearing modeling and system parametric studies.

"RomaxDesigner R12.8 builds on the capabilities of previous versions but also introduces new modules and tools that meet the needs and demands of a changing industry. The growth within hybrid and zero emission vehicles, for example, has been significant and it is important that Romax enabled its software to introduce ways for its users to analyse carbon saving and efficiency within the design process. Equally important is Romax's ability to interface with other world leading software packages and as a result of a number of new partnerships, Romax has been able to incorporate a range of links to software packages that are highly regarded within the industry," explained Younsu Park, director of simulation technology at Romax Technology. "With RomaxDesigner R12.8, Romax continues to lead the way in developing the most cutting edge virtual product technology for gearboxes and drivetrains."

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