Seco to Play Interactive Role at imX 2011

In keeping with the interactive nature of imX, Seco's executive management and technical experts will be on hand to discuss new metal...

The Double Octomill R220.48 face-milling cutter is a highly versatile, cost-effective tool that works equally well in roughing and finishing applications.

In keeping with the interactive nature of imX, Seco's executive management and technical experts will be on hand to discuss new metal cutting technologies and how the selection of the right technologies can solve even the most challenging applications. Seco will also participate in two Knowledge Bars, a forum where industry leaders share their expertise and present on a variety of topics. Seco's presentation is entitled "New Metal Cutting Techniques Applied to Current Market Trends" and will take place at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, September 13 and 2 p.m. on Wednesday, September 14. In the interest of making a visit to the Seco booth a valuable experience, Seco is going to showcase a variety of customer presentations and a wide range of advanced tooling solutions. Industry experts will also be available for one-on-one discussions. Seco will be located at booth 2048 at the show, which is taking place September 12-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Each day of imX, Seco will feature a prominent keynote address from industry-leading speakers at 11:30 a.m., followed by a networking lunch inside its booth. On Monday, September 12, Dowding Industries will discuss its use of technical innovation to save manufacturing jobs in Michigan and the United States. Tuesday, September 13, will be the Reshoring Initiative on accelerating the manufacturing renaissance in the United States, and information and analytical tools to help companies recognize and calculate the true cost of offshoring will be provided. On Wednesday, September 14, DMG/Mori Seiki will discuss how its technical collaboration on customer solutions resulted in a unique broaching tool application. Throughout imX, Seco will host testimonial-based customer presentations inside its booth.

Visitors to Seco's booth will also learn about the company's latest product and service advancements, including the Minimaster Plus, Double Octomill R220.48, Square 6, Jabro-Solid² line, Duratomic inserts, Component Engineered Tooling and Seco Point.The Minimaster Plus replaceable tip milling system is a highly productive, precision-focused product that makes tool-length re-measurement a thing of the past. It offers a large selection of shanks and inserts for a multitude of applications. Twenty-four versions of the shank are available, along with square shoulder and ball nose inserts that have through-tool coolant on all two and three flute designs. The inserts come in two grades for machining all types of materials and E- and M-geometries for a smooth cutting design. Insert diameters range from 0.375" to 0.625", and corner radii are available from 0.0157" to 0.122" to match a variety of design requirements.

The Double Octomill R220.48 face-milling cutter is a highly versatile, cost-effective tool that works equally well in roughing and finishing applications. The cutter's inserts are supported securely inside its pockets using HSS pins.  These hard pins prevent even the slightest insert movement during use. Double Octomill cutters are available in three different pitches: Normal, Normal+ and Close, for optimum productivity in different types of machines and materials.

The reliable, cost-effective Square 6 milling cutter provides a very high level of performance on a variety of materials in various operations and machining conditions.  This includes facemilling, contouring, plunging, slotting and square shoulder milling. For even greater productivity and economic value, Seco offers its exclusive Duratomic coating on four different grades of inserts for the Square 6. That means the user can machine a wide range of ISO materials with this one cutter. Like the Double Octomill, the Square 6 is available in three different pitches: Coarse, Normal and Close. Finally, the inserts come in three different geometries to handle a wide range of materials, including ME09 for stainless steel, M13 for steel and cast iron, and MD15 for harder materials and higher cutting speeds.

Jabro-Solid² is the highest quality family of solid carbide milling cutters available and sets a new standard in all general machining operations. The versatile JS510 Series is great for all basic operations in steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The JS520 Multi Flute Series provides flexibility, speed and cost efficiency in general machining applications. And last but not least, the JS550 Series represents the highest level of performance for all workpiece materials.

Seco's exclusive Duratomic technology is a process that creates a durable coating by uniquely arranging aluminum and oxygen atoms to provide increased toughness and abrasion resistance. The cumulative result of this process improves mechanical and thermal properties so that products with this coating achieve performance far beyond the capabilities of any existing grade on the market.

The Component Engineered Tooling (CET) program, which is part of Seco's business solutions service, helps customers achieve optimal machining solutions through several means. Using customer prints, Seco's CET group selects high efficiency tooling and does CAM programming.  They evaluate the effectiveness of their work through functional testing in either a Seco lab or on the customer's shop floor.  This is done early on in the project lifecycle to reduce risks on the plant floor.  This work often involves collaboration with machine tool builders, tool management and technical support staff and results in on-site delivery and installation of a complete tooling package.

SecoPoint, a point-of-use system, helps Seco customers improve their supply chain and reduce production costs. It ensures that products critical to a customer's production are always in stock but not overstocked. Customers also never have to worry about stock management because SecoPoint keeps track of high value tools, making sure they are returned after use. Furthermore, SecoPoint automatically provides customers with all the essential information they need by mail or online. Over 100 standard reports and an almost infinite number of tailored reports can be delivered in a variety of formats.

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