AFC-Holcroft Delivers UBQ Furnace in Three Weeks

A large manufacturing company located in the Midwestern region of the United States, has purchased an AFC-Holcroft "Built for Stock&...


A large manufacturing company located in the Midwestern region of the United States, has purchased an AFC-Holcroft "Built for Stock" UBQ ("Universal Batch Quench") furnace, size 36"-48"-36", with a three week after order delivery date. As part of the "Built for Stock" program, this furnace was already fully fabricated, ready for paint, shipping and installation three weeks from date of order. The UBQ furnace is one of AFC-Holcroft‟s most popular products, due in part to its modularity and flexibility, and is available in a standardized form for fastest delivery, or customizable to meet individual customer specifications. The modular design of the UBQ furnace will enable it to integrate with other existing batch furnaces already in the customer‟s plant. This brand-new stock UBQ furnace not only met the customer‟s processing requirements, but was already on the floor, fully built. Knowing this, the customer was able to respond quickly to increasing order volumes without having to wait for the typical build schedule.

Mike Neumann, technical sales specialist at AFC-Holcroft, commented, "AFC-Holcroft understands that lead times are important, and our exclusive 'Built for Stock' program can greatly accelerate the delivery date. Our customers can get the unit into production quickly, with no compromise whatsoever in design or fabrication quality." Neumann added, "No one else in the industry can supply a complete, fabricated new furnace this quickly."

As part of AFC-Holcroft's commitment to the industry, work has already begun on another "Built for Stock" furnace. AFC-Holcroft's goal is to keep a stock UBQ furnace and endothermic generator in the most popular sizes available and ready for shipment, or well within the build cycle for fastest delivery.

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